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Warsaw 1656 Warsaw 1656

This book allows you to refight the Battle of Warsaw.  Also includes new units for the Swedish and Polish forces.  Also includes rules for using monarchs in your games.

Our Price: $20.00
By Fire and Sword Players Edition Rulebook By Fire and Sword Players Edition Rulebook

This is the players edition of the rules. This rule book has all the updated rules to play By Fire and Sword. It has been updated with new examples, clearer rules and examples. This is a sleek version without the history sections or army list sections. It is the rules only! You can still download the skirmish army lists as well as unit rules for those skirmish lists off the www.fireandsword.wargamer.pl website. Also you can use our army creator program also off of that site for free! New updates have also been highlighted in this edition.

Our Price: $20.00
Danish War 1657-1660 Danish War 1657-1660

Rules for fighting during the Danish conflict.  Has rules to play as the army of Denmark and Norway.

Our Price: $30.00
Armies of By Fire and Sword Armies of By Fire and Sword

This book expands on the armies published in the other By Fire and Sword Books and also includes new lists for the armies of Gdansk, Courland, and Semigallia.

Our Price: $35.00
Task Force Book Preorder Task Force Book Preorder

This book will allow you to play at the Task Force level of By Fire and Sword. Task force is larger than skirmish play and slightly smaller than division level play. It takes the best elements of both the skirmish game you love as well as the large elements from division play and combines them into a unique and dynamic gaming experience for By Fire and Sword. Players edition of the rulebook is required to play.

All preorders and preorder Task Force Bundles will receive
Janusz Radziwiłł (1612-1655), Prince of Birże and Dubienka, Field Hetman of Lithuania (from 1646), Grand Hetman of Lithuania (from 1654). One of the best Lithuanian commanders in history.

We'll be adding miniature of Janusz Radziwiłł (sculpted by Kamil Milaniuk) to each copy of Task Force rulebook bought during preorder.

We have also prepared special Task Force (and Division) for Prince Janusz. We'll publish them in pdf in the next week.

Also all task force lists will be placed in the Army Creator online so keep checking that out!

Here is a list of armies included in Task Force rulebook.

Preorder for this book will start on Friday. Premiere is scheduled for the second half of September.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Polish Cavalry Task Force 1653-57
Polish Cavalry Task Force 1673-76
Lithuanian Cavalry Task Force 1649-54
Lithuanian Cavalry Task Force 1668-76
Polish Levy of Nobility 1648-60
Lithuanian Levy of Nobility 1648-60


Cossack Task Force 1648-76
Cossack-Tartar Task Force 1648-76
Cossack Rebels 1648-52

Kingdom of Sweden

Field Task Force 1648-60
Garrison Task Force 1648-1660
Home Defence Task Force - 1657

The Crimean Khanate

Tartar Task Force 1648-76
Tartar Raiding Task Force 1648-76

The Ottoman Empire

Task Force from the European Provinces 1648-1676
Provincial Task Force from European Provinces 1648-76
Ottoman-Tartar Task Force 1648-1676

The Tsardom of Muscovy

Voivode Cavalry Task Force 1648-1676
Voivode Infantry Task Force 1648-1676
Border Defence Task Force 1648-1676

The Principality of Transylvania

Field Task Force 1648-60
Siege Task Force 1648-60

The Holy Roman Empire

Imperial Task Force 1657–60
Imperial Task Forces 1663-64 - main theatre of war
Imperial Task Forces in Pomerania - 1659

The Brandenburg and Ducal Prussia

Prussian Territorial Defence 1655-60
Expeditionary Corps in Denmark – 1659
Brandenburgian-Swedish Task Force 1656-57

The Royal City of Gdańsk

Gdańsk Task Force 1648-1676
Siege Task Force 1659

The Kingdom of Denmark and Norway

Danish Task Force in Scania 1657
Norwegian Task Force 1657-1660
'New War' Task Force 1658-60

Our Price: $40.00
The Deluge Northern War 1655-1660 The Deluge Northern War 1655-1660

Rules for fighting The Deluge Period as well as rules updates.  Has rules for Brandenburg, Imperials, and Transylvanians.

Our Price: $50.00