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Tatar Leaders Tatar Leaders

Enough models to make 2 command bases.

Our Price: $10.00
Tatar Captives Tatar Captives

Set include foot captives and animals

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Our Price: $10.00
Tatar Horsemen Tatar Horsemen

Tatar horsemen.  9 mounted models with 3 bases.

Our Price: $15.00
Elite Tatar Cavalry Elite Tatar Cavalry

The very best warriors and horsemen of the tatar people form these ranks. Include them on the table top in your horde.

Blister contains 9 mounted models.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

Our Price: $15.00
Tartars Orders Counters Set Tartars Orders Counters Set

Set contains 32 order counters

Our Price: $15.00
Tartars Casualty Markers Tartars Casualty Markers

15 markers in blister
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Our Price: $15.00
Tartar Dice Tartar Dice

Set contains 10 dice.

Our Price: $20.00
Kapikulu Kapikulu

10 Bases of Kapikulu infantry. Contains 30 figures and 10 bases.

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Our Price: $25.00
Tatar Rabble Tatar Rabble

Tatar Rabble. 18 mounted models with 6 bases.

Our Price: $30.00
Tatar Command Tatar Command

Commanders for your Tatar hordes.  Set makes 7 command bases.

Our Price: $30.00
Tatar Warriors with Spears Tatar Warriors with Spears

Tartar Warriors with spears.  18 mounted models and 6 bases.

Our Price: $30.00
Tatar Skirmish Set Tatar Skirmish Set

Skirmish Set.  Allows you to field the basic skirmish level.

Our Price: $60.00

In this bundle you will receive:

A Copy of the Task Force book--Free with Bundle Order
The Free Radziwill figure with preorder

1 Box of TAT-3 Tatar Commanders ($30)
2 Packs of TAT-8 Elite Tatar Cavalry ($30)
1 Pack of TAT- Tatar Captives ($10)
8 Packs TAT-1 Tatar Horsemen ($90)
3 Boxes of TAT-2 Tatar Rabble ($90)

Total $250

Our Price: $250.00